Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas presents 2008!

Among other presents from their uncles, aunts and grand parents, these are my kid's Christmas present from me!
The first one is Barbie I Can Be A Baker, bought at Debenhams special sale for about Rp 240.000 (original price was about Rp400.000), and the second one is Shinkansen train from Tomy, also from Debenhams Rp 69.000.
The train is compatible with all the Thomas train blue tracks but much cheaper than Thomas Train collection :)
I really still wish I could collect and make a super huge Thomas train tracks.

Click here for my last years presents

Mummies..Click on the comment button and share with us your christmas presents!

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Joie said...

I put loads of wrapped present under our Xmas tree.

They are...
1.Books and Puzzles
2.Shoes ( my gals loooove shoes )
3.Cheap things I found in ITC only to make my kids excited that there's LOTS of present...( Even that is actually cheap small things )
4. Present for nannies servants at home... so my gals learn the tradition of sharing with our helper..
5. The old too favorite dress of my 2nd gal that we hid for awhile ago because she kept wearing it the whole week....I lied that I left it in Bali, now she will be very delighted to see it again