Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Baby Loves Disco

This is outrageous fun!
Imagine a hip nightclub, entirely baby-proofed so that you can dance away with your babies, toddlers and kids till you drop ( in the wee afternoon hours of course). And they also provide baby changing room, chill-out tents, healthy snacks and game, mmm..heaven..

Baby loves disco is a monthly event that started in Philladelhia and had spread acroos 16 other cities in the US (yes US, we haven't got that kind of luxury here). This great event has become a much anticipated event in every town, and they are so serious in promoting good music that they assembled their own music and mixes that blended with various disco tunes from the 70s and 80s.'Barney is banned here' they said (phew...)

well, shall we hope that the good people from Dragonfly club would learn about this...

Temple Trees

I stumbled upon this store at the Women International Club bazaar last week in JHCC and they carry some sweet wooden toys and decoration stuff. I have long been infatuated with anything wooden for my kids, as they carry some earthiness aura unlike plastic toys and stuff. I bought a wooden peg, a pair of skipping rope with monkey head as the handle, cute paper clips and some wooden figures that can collapse down when you push the button underneath (a total hysteria for my 17th month nephew).

I have never been to the Temple Trees brick-and-mortar shop before but from their name card I learnt that they focused on the work of original artisans from furniture, jewellery to bags. But I bet the wooden stuff were from china :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Heidi Klum's new baby

The star of the Project Runway has recently given birth to a healthy boy named Johan on November 22nd.
Here is a pretty picture of them and together with daddy Seal.

Netherlands International School

I've never heard of this school before. I came across the NIS when I visited the Mother and Child expo the other day (btw it was a horrible expo, full of kerupuk and ikan asap seller). And I was surprised that it was actually an old establishment (from 1967). Aside from their Dutch classes, they also offer English preschool and they just started an English-language primary school in August 2006. They are situated in Cilandak and they claim that they will be the first school in Jakarta to apply the IPC curriculum (International Primary Curriculum) which will provides a smooth transition to the IB programme. Anyway, the charges are pretty steep, just like any other international school but the school ambience is pretty interesting, full of greenery and sports facilities. Check it out.
Netherlands International School
Jl. Jeruk Purut Rt003/Rw03
Cilandak Timur, Jakarta 12560
Ph: 62-21-7823929

Monday, December 11, 2006

Top Shop maternity

Been to Senayan City lately?
I bet many of you has, the new mall is getting more and more crowded each week.

Anyway, Top Shop London, the famous cheap and chic clothing store, has opened a boutique next to Debenhams in the 2nd floor (?). And I have discovered that they brought the maternity collection along...! The jeans collection is pretty cool, I remember that back in my pregnancy days, it was so hard to find a good pair of maternity jeans. The one that doesnt make you look all fat and flabby.
This pair of jeans cost Rp 739.000 (not cheap but definetely chic)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Orbit stroller

This is the latest addition to the celebrity stroller phenomenon. But this is worth noticing. Aside from the cool modern-industrial design, Orbit stroller created the all-in-one concept in its 3 pieces starter kit, that include an infant car seat, a base and a stroller.
From the demo in their website, it looks pretty easy and cool to install the car seat to the stroller.
They claim that they are the first stroller that is able to rotate the seat 360 degree, which mean that your kids can face sideway sitting in a restaurant table. And you can upgrade it to a toddler stroller later with the same function and mobility (sold separately).
All of this system will send you a whopping $900 bill, but it sure will turn many heads as you push it around.
And no, this stroller is not available in Indonesia just yet.