Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas Presents

My little monsters (3,5yrs and 2yrs) had finally understand the meaning of christmas presents. And their anticipation has sent me to a shopping frenzy over a few agonizing weeks.
Finally, I settled for these items with the hope of seeing that priceless look on my children faces when they opened the box.
A cooking set from Plan toys ( about Rp 180.000 from The Children Store), A wooden vegetable set (about Rp 150.000 from the Chidren Store) that can be cut into half, also from Plan Toys, a Thomas train floaties for my son ( about Rp 180.000, from Debenhams) and some other small items.
The result? My daughter got bored of the cooking set on day one, and my son is more interested in the wooden vegetable set than in his floaties. Well, it turns out that I still got a lot to learn to know their real interest.

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