Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Look! a Peacock in my house

What a cute costume! You should check out the link below to view other super cute costume.... Wish that we have that kind of choices here in Jakarta.
From Baby Style

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Allerhand baby bags

This is my favorite bag, I had used it for a while now and I got hooked on the cleverness of the compartments and the stylish design. Wherever I go on a trip my my kids, I prefer to leave my handbag home and just bring all the stuff inside this carry all.
You can find this brand at Moms and I, Kemang (021-7195714) and you can visit the Allerhand website here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

No Added Sugar is here

This is a rather provocative brand, with edgy and grunge fashion for the kids. So if you are one of those mums who want to dress your kids like a rock star, you got to see this brand.
Art At Home Baby & Children's Boutique is proud to introduce No Added Sugar, a high-end brand from London, UK, featuring luxurious and edgy babies and children's clothing from 0-8 years. The t-shirt range designs include 'Future DJ', 'Future England Captain', 'Pirate', 'Queen Bee', etc.
Visit Art at Home baby boutique at jl Wijaya II / 46 (Opposite Dharmawangsa Square) or call them up at 021-7208141. Pssst... They are having a Summer Sale up to 40% till August 5th.
And you can visit the website of No added Sugar here

Friday, July 20, 2007

Online shopping in Jakarta

There aren't many online shop around in Jakarta web community, but this little baby shop is worth checking out! With cute T-shirt that says "Bunda's shopping partner" and "ASI is the breast", this site just hit the soft spot on every moms.
And they even take cute pictures on every kids who visited their store and posted it on their blog. Sweet!
visit:Nenen Baby Shop

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Machiko Manga School

I just love Japanese comics. And if your children shows some talent in their drawing class at school, it will be fun to take it to another level. Machiko Manga School is founded by Machiko Maeyama, a japanese lady who was a professional manga artist back in Japan.
The school covers most of the basic in manga drawing and they even encourage local talent to debut their works in Japan and Indonesian publication.
They are located in Jl Kemang Raya no 14B. Ph: 021-7181683, and here is the official website

Friday, July 13, 2007

Geography wall

Can't resist putting this up.
It's such a wonderful idea to put a world map instead of ordinary wallpaper around the children's room. Geography lesson in the bedroom could be fun!
by Kerry Joyce via coochicoos

Bugaboo bee

The latest line from the famous Bugaboo strollers. Bugaboo bee is the first stroller among the family that is lightweight and collapsible, and it will be available in the US in September 2007.
For Bugaboo info in Jakarta please visit The Children Store in Senayan City.
via coochicoos

Homeschooling Jakarta

Home schooling is the latest trend in Jakarta, I came across this wonderful blog in the web, written by a wonderful family that believes strongly in home schooling for their children.
The blog is full of resources and informations about home schooling and they even encourage their young children to participate in posting on the blog.
visit www.sumardiono.com here

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Play Food

Seriously, I dont realize that they are so many artisan that makes cute pretend cakes on the web.
Here is another great creation by Lily Bean at Mahar Dry Goods
via Designer block

you want more? here is a great flickr group called Play Food, full of amazing pictures of cakes, fruits ..you name it, all made with fabric, felt etc. You really got to see this site.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sugar Loaded (real ones)

While the previous post is about fake cookies, this one above is the real thing. A talented woman at Vegan Yum Yum actually 'knitted' these icing on top of the cupcakes.
A good idea for party favor eh?

Sugar Loaded

A sweet company for the girls' cooking session.
Nana company makes cute handmade fabric cookies and other cooking pretend plays.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Knit and hop

I always have a thing for knitted soft toys.
This one is from Extrasmall

Monday, July 02, 2007

Stokke sleeping system

I have observed this very practical crib for quite a while now, and I am still amazed at the functionality. The crib is designed to accomodate newborn baby, toddler and young children all in one sleek design.
I believe that Mothercare carry the brand, Kasih Ibu at Dharmawangsa Square and also The Children Store, ph:021-72781292 at Senayan city.
For more detail check out Stokke website

Cute Bottles by VIce Versa

Who says milk bottles have to be boring. These cute bottles by Vice Versa has been grabbed by celebrities moms like Angelina Jolie etc.
From Pacifier Online, also check out their complete range of modern meal accessories .

note: just got the latest info that the cow bottle above is available here in Jakarta! Visit Art At Home baby boutique, Jl. Wijaya II /46, tel: 021-7208141.
Thanks Anastasia for the info!

Modern Playroom by BB2

A modern and chic playroom by BB2 via Design Public