Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kukunest bedding

Bedding set ini hanya salah satu dari koleksi anda bisa memesannya online.

Dream bag

a Dream Bag that will bring a lot of fun imagination. For me it looks like little Budha 'nest', hmm.. might be able to teach my kids to meditate there:)
Unfortunately it is not produced for the masses yet. Learn more about the dream bag here

Counting Poster by Sandra Isaksson

What a lovely way to teach your kids to count!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Cubism chair

Terakhir ini saya sedang tertarik sekali mengamati trend modern kids furniture. Produk di atas ini adalah salah satu contoh yang menarik.
find out more from Monte Design

Watch out for Bugaboo in Jakarta

After storming Hollywood with these cool strollers, watch out for the Bugaboo in Jakarta. They will be available in the Children Store, Senayan City 4th Floor. Call them up for more info at 727 81292.
And check out the celebrity list who owns Bugaboo for their kids at celebrity baby blog

New Age Soft Toys

This is called Felt Rocks, made from 100% pure wool felt. A great fun to stack, touch, mould and practically anything a kid would imagine them to be. And also it's super stylish for your home.
Check out Molo design here

Friday, February 09, 2007

Green Chicken

Too fragile for my house (and kids), but I bet it will look amazing on a modern minimalist room
Check out more artsy stuff at

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hot Wheels Cars

My boy (26 months) has a peculiar attachment to cars. He got hooked by it by chance, the first Hot Wheels car that he own was from his christmas present, from his uncle. And now, he could not sleep unless he is holding that car in his hand. Don't even ask if he loses it, he will do that piercing, hysterical fit that noone can stand. I had to keep an extra one at home just in case.

The Hot Wheels cars bussiness is actually a pretty interesting. Dubbed the fastest metal cars, Hot wheels had become one of the key product from Mattel company. It had become a collectable items that are so hot that they even made exhibition shows for them. And the car's designer is so famous that people line up to get their autograph.

Banjir and parenting

Banjir sekarang ini membuat saya sadar, betapa selama ini saya bergantung terlalu banyak pada television dan air conditioning to entertain my kids.
My electricity has been on and off, and tonight will be the first night for the kids to go to sleep without lights, AC and (horor!) Dora show.
May God be with me tonight.