Friday, March 30, 2007

Blog of note of the week

Apartment Therapy has been a very popular blog among the urbanist, as they give endless inspirations for decorating small spaces. And now they had created another wonderful blog, fully dedicated for nursery and kids room, called Apartment Therapy:The Nursery.
They featured cool interior products and pictures of 'real rooms' from their readers, and I love that they give links to other great sites as well.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coco Stylewood by Bloombaby

This is the kind of design that just blew me away.
From Bloombaby

Caramel Corn in Milk Flavour by Tohato

Ini adalah makanan favorite saya sejak high school dulu, pokoknya sampe addicted banget deh. Dan sekarang giliran anak anak saya yang 'nyangkut'.
Rasanya manis, crunchy dan bisa melt in your mouth. Sekarang ini Caramel Corn sudah mempunyai banyak sekali pilihan rasa, dan dapat dibeli di supermarket Sogo. Harganya kalau ngga salah sekitar Rp 18.000 an.

Snack ini adalah salah satu produk dari Tohato Japan, yang sudah berdiri dari tahun 1971, dan yang serunya sekarang ini Caramel Corn mengeluarkan produk terbarunya yaitu Milk flavor! yang terdiri dari 3 layer: Milk, White Chocolate cream, dan Milk Powder. Wow heboh. Tapi rasanya produk ini belum ada di Jakarta deh.

check out produk caramel corn yang lain di
via Japan Today

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sesame Street by Gregg Patillo

Funky Sesame Street tunes by Gregg Patillo. Daddy Types noted that it has been viewed by more than 430.000 people whoa!

Rie Isano

What a great way to invite your kids to eat their meal at the dinner table!
Table top countryside from Rie Isano via Moco Loco

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bla Bla Kids

A few weeks ago I saw collection of super cute knitted soft toys at Brown Tree shop in Plaza Indonesia ( just opposite Sushi Tei) and discovered that the brand was Bla Bla. It was not difficult to track Bla Bla in the net and it turns out that the brand was much more than just knitted toys. They are selling the cutest t-shirt, backpack, pillows etc.

The above picture is their latest t-shirt collection. The number of the animals matched the number and the size of the tee. So, 1 is for one year old, 2 is for two year old and so on. What a great design!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blog-of-note of the week

Since I have been a devoted blog reader for the past year, I thought I would like to share some interesting blog that I have been following.
I decided to do a series of Blog-of-note of the week, where I would introduce some great blogs ever created. Feel free to comment and suggest any blog that I missed.

This week I would like to introduce Wee Wonderful, a blog created by a handmade artist Hillary Lang. She loves to make handmade quilt, dolls and embroidery and she has her own shop selling patterns and stuff. Her website is amazing, with great graphics and illustrations. I have to visit her every week to see what she's up to.

Sticker wall design

Sticker di rumah biasanya membuat saya stress, karena Monster Boy dan Monster Girl saya bisa menempelkannya di setiap sudut rumah dan furniture.
Tapi sticker dari Apple Pie design ini sangat menarik untuk dijadikan bagian dari design kamar anak anak, selain cukup mudah untuk dipasang sendiri dan juga mudah untuk diganti.
Mereka menyediakan beragam sticker untuk dewasa dan anak anak yang kebanyakan berupa siluet siluet menarik dengan bermacam warna.
Check out Apple Pie Design here

Editors wanted!

Untuk lebih meramaikan blog ini, saya ingin mengundang para pembaca untuk berkontribusi untuk menulis artikel artikel yang menarik tentang baby and children lifestyle terutama di Jakarta. Artikel boleh ditulis dalam bahasa Indonesia ataupun Inggris. Kalau ada digital image lebih bagus lagi.
Contact saya di ya....
Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Irene.

Monday, March 12, 2007


This is a nice way to teach your kids about growth and nature. Eggling is apparently very popular in Japan. It comes with a terracota tray and a seed pack of either herbs or flowers, just crack, plant, water and soon your little plants will grow out of the eggs.
From Modern tots, $8.95

Friday, March 09, 2007

Riposo Cot

No, this is not a stroller. It's a revolutionary-kind-of foldable cot. Just fold it up and store it under your bed if you don't need it. But it looks a bit like those pretend play toys that my daughter has.


My kids have experienced several bouts of TV show addictions throughout their stages of life. The first TV shows that they love was Elmo!, then they moved on to Dora etc etc.
And now, the latest craze among them is none other than the cutest little boy ever created on TV, Pocoyo! on Playhouse Disney.
This is the one show that I don't mind watching it for hours with my kids, and Pocoyo's voice can stick at the back of my mind for days.
Pocoyo translates from Spanish as 'little me', and he got this funny dance and I love watching him running.
His website is so wonderful, there are games and pictures that you can download and I learnt that you might even watch some full episodes from the site.
and the best thing is that the creator has an official Pocoyo blog and if you are a drawing freak like me, you will love to learn all the details about the animation.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Disney art

What a nice sofa!
The art of disney soft toys, by Campana Brothers at Albion gallery, London.
Read more from Dezeen


a nice hide-out by Kasuya Morita. Futuristic yet friendly. I wish I could build one in my backyard (if I have a backyard ;)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Jane Churchill fabric and wallpaper

Bagi para ibu pencinta barang yang cantik cantik untuk kamar anaknya, Jane Churchill menyediakan beragam pilihan fabric dan wallpaper yang unik. Saya menemukan brand ini di Pt Cipta Merkurius (Jl Kemang Timur Raya no.998, ph:7197308) sebuah outlet yang berisi bermacam benda untuk interior. Sayangnya hampir semua barang disini harus di inden, dan sabarlah menunggu selama hampir dua bulan:)

Learn more about Jane Churchill here.

Ipod for kids

Waduh, anak jaman sekarang spoilt sekali ya. Dari handphone sampai Ipod, semua berlomba lomba menargetkan anak anak sebagai market mereka (dan membuat repot orang tuanya :)
Anyway, di atas ini adalah Ipod case yang dirancang khusus untuk anak2 melihat video dan memutar lagu lagu kesayangan mereka.
check out Ifrogz