Monday, December 24, 2007

Bugaboo bee buzzzing in Children Store

Bugaboo Bee, stroller terkini yang sedang heboh di US sekarang sudah ada di Jakarta!
Tepatnya di Children Store yang baru di buka di Pacific Place, BEJ.
Menurut sales girls nya stock perdananya akan sampai di Jakarta pada pertengahan January nanti dan harganya sekitar Rp 6.900.000,-
Tadinya saya sudah terkagum kagum sama Mommy Lia yang berhasil membawa Bugaboo Bee nya sendiri langsung dari US (niat banget yaa:)
yah..welcome to Jakarta, Bee..., jadi ikutan meramaikan pawai stroller nanti di mall mall.
Well, like it or not, stroller has turned into a fashion thingy for all the wonderful moms here, hasn't they?


Francis, Lia and Emma said...

I saw another bee at Crystal Jade GI yesterday bee is 2 million cheaper....but my poor sister had to carry it up the snowy, chilly hill to her dorm hahahahahaha and Emma doesn't really like it...she still prefers her cameleon....maybe because it's annoying :(

Anonymous said...

Same with my daughter.
She still prefer her chameleon cuz i think bee is a tad smaller although the max weight is higher

Anonymous said...

Yup.. same here.. i thought Bee would be a better option for us to bring for traveling since its more compact and lighter.. but my baby doesnt like it..
he prefers his Bugaboo Frog..
I guess Bugaboo Frog is not out yet in Indonesia.. it looks pretty much the same with Cameleon but $250 cheaper.. it is soo big compare to the Bee.. a hassle to travel with.. plus the risk the airline might damage it if we gate check the stroller... :(

Anonymous said...

Mba tau gak ya kira-kira aku bisa beli stokke xplory yang murah dimana?