Friday, November 16, 2007

Junior Magazine, the best so far

This is one cool kids magazine that has great fashion pages, and talk about topics that other parenting magazine never even think about, like the kid's self obsession, why is one kid is " cooler " than her peers... and how to cope with bad haircut.....
Not just discussing about allergy , and how to keep your kids room tidy like the general parenting magazine...
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This only parenting magazine I've been reading for this past two years and is available at Aksara book store and Moms and I Kemang.
Special article by Peaches Sky Mom

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mommy ape said...

PS mom, I totally agree..
emang sih masih seneng juga lihat majalah yang penuh dengan advice..tapi lama lama bosen juga yah..
kalau Junior paling pas gabungan antara lifestyle dan advicenya..
Top abisss..