Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The trend of Dude Dad and Yummy Mummy

Consider yourself outdated if you haven't heard of that expression before. According to Junior magz (dec edition), the term Yummy Mummy was started way back in 1991 when Demi Moore posed glamorously naked and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair. Since then all the mummies in the world had been displaying their motherhood time in full throttle and in style.

I think it goes the same here in Jakarta. The other day, I was attending a fashion show in Plaza Indonesia, which is full of uber cool ladies dressed delicately in the latest global style, and I saw one Yummy Mummy with a Stokke Explory stroller! (pushed by the nanny) and the cutest little girl dressed in a Leopard cardigan and black skinny pants....mmmm Yummy.

The term Dude Dad comes way later, and much defined by Hollywood's celebrity dads such as Jude Law, Johnny Depp and, this is the hottest one, Brad Pitt. "Male celebrities are marching into the limelight with a child firmly planted on their hip, sending out the signal that fatherhood is one of the coolest lifestyle choices to make" quote Junior Magazine.

And fabulous baby gears makers around the world as in cue, had been furiously designing goody stuff targeted to these DUde Dads. Just look at the Daddy diaper bags, modern and clean baby furniture, Daddy blogs etc.

But I don't think the Dude Dad trend has reached here in the far east. Despite some publications of celebrity dads supporting breast feeding, I hardly see any stylish dads 'with a child firmly planted on their hip' around here, what a pity. Hey DUDE DADs in Jakarta, wake up!!!

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