Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Victoria Staten rocks!

Victoria Staten might not be a well known name in fashion industry, but she has clocked some good years behind the Kenneth Cole brand. And now, she is coming to rock the baby gears industry with her ultra cool designs. She created baby carriage, diaper bags and baby furnishing made with maple wood and leather-like fabrics (bye bye plastics!)
Daddy types blog has commented that Victoria Staten's may be the first baby gear that requires you to redesign your house around it. Indeed, the design is so modern and clean and perfect to show off to your friends (ha!). On the other side, I just can't quite picture it to be inside one the the Da Vinci's style houses that seems to be popping around Jakarta recently.
Pictured here is the baby seat that cost $325 (!) with removable and washable cover
Be dazzled by her baby carrier, playyard, high chair, and diaper bags here at
Let's just hope that some stylish ladies from the mega retail baby industry in Jakarta notice her, and bring the goody stuff home.....

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