Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Orbit stroller

This is the latest addition to the celebrity stroller phenomenon. But this is worth noticing. Aside from the cool modern-industrial design, Orbit stroller created the all-in-one concept in its 3 pieces starter kit, that include an infant car seat, a base and a stroller.
From the demo in their website, it looks pretty easy and cool to install the car seat to the stroller.
They claim that they are the first stroller that is able to rotate the seat 360 degree, which mean that your kids can face sideway sitting in a restaurant table. And you can upgrade it to a toddler stroller later with the same function and mobility (sold separately).
All of this system will send you a whopping $900 bill, but it sure will turn many heads as you push it around.
And no, this stroller is not available in Indonesia just yet.

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