Friday, July 21, 2006

Stroller Parade

The current trend for strollers in Jakarta is simple. It just has to be cool enough to make other moms look twice in their direction..with a look of envy. And as Jakarta is currently enjoying the effect of globalization, the choices for such strollers are plenty.
You can see the futuristic Quinny stroller, the modern Maclaren, even Stokke (*gasp!) zigzagging across the malls. Oh yes, malls. Of course, the only terrain that those strollers have to endure is simply marbles, carpets and wooden floors, that is why sometimes it feels ridiculous to see petite moms with perfect hair trying to lift up their bulky strollers up the escalators.
The latest edition of the strollers parade is by Aprica (pictured above), a cool Japanese brand that recently just opened their flagship store in Plaza Indonesia 3rd floor. They have lightweight strollers that can be fully reclined (thank god!) and you can even change the direction to which the stroller is facing (backwards for infants and forward for toddlers).

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