Friday, July 28, 2006

Pediatric Opthalmologist

In plain english, it says Eye Doctor for Kids.
A few weeks ago I spent one whole saturday afternoon in line for my daughter's appointment with Dr Rini Mahendrastari Singgih.DSM.
Supposedly she is one of the best eye doctor for children in town.
She got a nice little clinic in Bintaro, and if you want to make an appointment with her, you can only call the clinic on Thursday, and be prepared to wait for over a month!
But after the long wait, once you met her you'll know why parents flocked to her clinic.
She called herself 'Oma' and was so kind to us that she spent almost half an hour explaining the importance of early check up for babies and good habits for healthy eyes.
She got modern eye checking tools and stuffs and will check your child thoroughly. She said that once she diagnosed a four month baby who got a minus 14 for her eyes!
check out her site

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