Thursday, July 20, 2006

Million Dollar School

One of the easiest topic to start a conversation with another Mommy is about school in Jakarta. As we all know, new schools are popping out like wild mushrooms in every corner of this crowded city, and most of them are ..expensive. Lately I felt that I have been brainwashed by the media marketing of this new schools, that laid out new perspectives on how a good school should be. It should be national-plus, affiliated with some overseas school, it should have new buildings and astounding facilities, English language as the first language, expats teachers and so on and so on. And it just grew confusing for me. I mean, after all these are all new schools with no experience in producing say, champions of the World's Physics Olympics (not that I have that kind of ambition for my kids).

Anyway, I have to admit that my daughther is registered in one of these new school, and yesterday a friend of mine gave me some points to ponder. "it's definitely like gambling" she says "And the bad news is we would not know whether we make the right decision until about 20 years of time." Well, that is one scary thought.

Check out some of their website (I discovered that some of the new school does not even have a website)

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