Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lets Draw!

Drawing is a great activity for kids to entertain themselves (and let their mummies enjoy a brief moment of personal time). Since, I am also a drawing enthusiast, I had been observing all kind of drawing equipments available for children and these are a few of my favourite:
1. Faber Castell,
The most common brand for color pencils and crayons, available in Gramedia and most of the bookstores. It’s relatively cheap, it wont hurt if your child loses a few colors, and also it’s toxic free.
2. Alex,
Moms and I is the official distributor for this brand , they have lots of art and craft stuff like poster paints and unique-shaped sponges for hand painting (a messy affair). I recently bought a set of big bright colored chalks for some side-street fun.
3. Crayola,
They claim that their crayon is washable and erasable, I haven't tried them out yet, but definitely they are on my next shopping list. Their website is fun, with coloring activities and art and craft project for your kids. I saw some crayola products at Office 2000 in Plaza Ind but I have no idea where else I can get them.
4. Derwent
This is my personal favorite (for me not for my kids), they are expensive as they are made for fine art artists. But apparently they have some products for children, it looks pretty impressive on their website, might be perfect for your great little artist-to-be.

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