Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Disneyland Hongkong

I was just back from a trip to Disneyland Hongkong with my 3 years old daughter, and here are some honest facts about the fun park.

The Good Part:
1. The journey from Hongkong city to the park was easy and organized. My daughter was ecstatic when she rides the Mickey-Mouse-hole-in-the-window train from Sunny bay station to Disneyland station.
2. Children under three comes in for Freee!!
3. Shopping is heavenly, be prepared to get tempted with various cutie stuff
4. You can rent Quinny-like stroller for your kids to get around the park without sore feet.
5. Snacking around the park is great, try my favourite corns-in-the-cob.
6. The firework finale, Disney on Stars, was the best! I almost cried with awe when the musical chorus sync so harmoniously with the fireworks. And the look from my daughter face when she saw the stars exploded, was priceless!

The Bad Part:
1. It was Hot Hot Hot! Even on 5pm in the afternoon. I recommend you to go there during early winter time.
2. It was small, yes as small as Dunia Fantasi.
3. It was soooo crowded. Full of tourist from mainland China who speaks loudly and cutting queue like nobody cares.
4. The queue was long and tiring. With small children, I don't think you have a chance of trying much ride in the park. Just enjoy the view.

Despite all the bad parts, it was still a magical trip (esp for my daughter). We might come back again but this time I want to be more prepared and choose the right period of time (cooler temps and less crowded month)

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