Friday, August 03, 2007

L'Oreal Kids Shampoo

I'm one of those mums who loves to try new toiletries product for their children. But not a fan of expensive ones of course. In Jakarta there are plenty of brands to try, you can find them easily at major supermarket and baby specialty stores (yes, including Mangga Dua).
Lately I found that Huggies released locally produced shampoo and baby wash, priced quite reasonably at about Rp 13.000 for 200ml bottle. It's quite okay I guess, my only complaints was just that the shampoo and baby wash is too watery.
Then I was tempted to try L'Oreal kids shampoo for my daughter, though it is more expensive ( about Rp 40.000 ), I was attracted at the cute packaging and at the fact that it is a two in one shampoo (plus conditioner). So far so good, the kids loves the packaging, the smell is nice and the conditioner actually worked.
This is the official L'Oreal kids website, very fun!

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