Friday, March 09, 2007


My kids have experienced several bouts of TV show addictions throughout their stages of life. The first TV shows that they love was Elmo!, then they moved on to Dora etc etc.
And now, the latest craze among them is none other than the cutest little boy ever created on TV, Pocoyo! on Playhouse Disney.
This is the one show that I don't mind watching it for hours with my kids, and Pocoyo's voice can stick at the back of my mind for days.
Pocoyo translates from Spanish as 'little me', and he got this funny dance and I love watching him running.
His website is so wonderful, there are games and pictures that you can download and I learnt that you might even watch some full episodes from the site.
and the best thing is that the creator has an official Pocoyo blog and if you are a drawing freak like me, you will love to learn all the details about the animation.

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Raquel Brenda said...

wah sama dong dengan vanya, tiap pagi sebelum berangkat ke toko yg wajib pasti pocoyo dan mickey & the gang :D