Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tefal baby

There is a new product at Debenhams kids in Plaza Indonesia, Tefal Baby.
For years now, I thought that Tefal is only a household brand for kitchen stuff, apparently they had expanded their product lines to baby care products. The product range include sterilizers, bottle warmers, and blenders, but there are a few other interesting products.
I like this humidifier as it doesnt look too bulky and they claim that it operates silently so that it doesnt interfere with baby's sleep.
Well, with air conditioner in the room almost around the clock, I figure it will make my kids breathing a lot easier, without all the dryness-in-the-throat in the morning. The price is around Rp 1.200.000,-
Check out their site Tefal
There's another product that caught my attention at their website, A Baby Dryer that dry Baby in complete safety immediately on getting out of the bath. HUH? haven't they heard of cotton towels?

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